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The OSCAR winner for most adorable in the film of life. Riley has been acting in life for 3 months and he is making a splash in the movie of adopt me!!! This beautiful girl was raised in a home that hit her with a shoe and never socialized her. The good news is that she is being trained and is doing fantastic and she is so smart and so sweet. Riley is available to star in your movie for life.

NO OUT OF STATE ADOPTIONS. Sorry but I am available to residents in the LA and surrounding areas. If interested in adopting me, please fill out an application or call (310) 650-2870 or email us at eloiserescue@gmail.com.


Foster A Dog

Becoming a foster saves lives. When you foster, you play and love the dog and we pick up the expense for all the needs of the dog.

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Luxury Pet Beds for Home or Travel


Our luxury pet beds will last for a full 5 years and beyond.


Eloise Pet Accessories is a manufacturer of high quality pet products made in the USA such as dog beds, blankets and crate mats for homes and hotels across the United States. All items are personally crafted with love and care.


Hotels using our products include: Starwood Hotels, The Hotel Bel Air, The Beverly Hills Hotels, Hyatt and many more. If you're a hotel interested in our products, please contact us today.




A portion of all sales will go directly to Eloise Rescue in the fight
against homeless dogs, on the street and in the shelters.